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Top 6 Websites for FREE Textures and Materials

What’s happening ladies and gentlemen, this is Minh from Architecture Inspirations. Today I’m going to show you 6 websites to get FREE Textures and Materials. Let’s get started So this video is a little different in that I only focus on PBR materials and textures. Physically Based Rendering Textures and Materials often consists of multiple images or “maps” which help create a realistic Material in rendering softwares such as Vray for Sketchup.

If you’re not familiar with these types of materials and how to create them, then watch this video here Now let’s count down from number 6 Number 6 is This is a possibly one of the biggest sites for textures. Now it also has a section for PBR materials and 3D Scanned Textures which add up to more than 500 materials. A lot of these are very high quality, but since we’re looking for free textures, you can only download these up to 1K resolution. Also, you only get 15 free credits per day, which equals 15 maps or 3-5 materials each day. Number 5 is This is a website created by Joao Paulo with over 400 materials that you can download for free up to 1K Resolution. If you like his works then consider supporting him on Patreon to get materials at 4K Resolution. Number 4 is a site with 100% free materials at 2K resolution. At the moment, they have about 107 Free textures and you can have unlimited downloads per day Number 3 is Texture Haven is a site for copyright free Textures that are up to 8K resolution.

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They are 100% Free but if you want to support the creator, consider joining their Patreon Number 2 is You probably heard me mention this website in my previous videos. Poliigon is probably one of the best sites that provide premium PBR Materials. They also has a library of free textures that you can download. Although limited in quantity, they allow you to download full resolution maps that are up to 8K. Number 1 is This is a website created by Struffel Productions with more than 200 free textures that you can download up to 8K resolution. This is definitely THE best website for FREE textures and materials that I have seen so far. If you find this useful, consider supporting Struffel Productions on Patreon And those are 6 websites for free textures and materials. As a Bonus, there are other free collections on my community website : This is also where I share lots of other resources such as 3D Models, HDRIs, Cutouts, etc. It’s completely free for everyone so feel free to join us! And that is all for today guys. Leave a like if you found the video useful. Comment below if you have any questions. Stay inspired guys, and I will see you, next time.

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